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Team Success

McGrath & Associates, Inc. provides a full team of professional estimators, project managers, superintendents and administrative staff.  As a 100 percent employee-owned company, each employee is dedicated to our corporate values and full commitment to clients.

McGrath & Associates commitment to team building also is reflected in the twenty nominations we’ve received for the American Subcontractors Association’s “General Contractor of the Year” award since 1994.  We have been honored with this prestigious award six times.


Kenneth (Ken) W. Knobbe, Jr. – President

Richard (Rich) F. Donahower, Jr. – Vice President

Bret S. De Rousse – Vice President, Energy Infrastructure

Scott M. Olson – Corporate Secretary

Nicholas J. Knobbe – Project Development Manager, Treasurer

Cindy Spriggs – Vice President, Finance


Kenneth (Ken) W. Knobbe, Jr. – Chairman of the Board

Richard (Rich) F. Donahower, Jr. – Director

Kimberly (Kim) A. Witbrodt – Office Manager

Kenneth (Ken) W. Knobbe, Jr.

“Our people, our style, and the attention to detail make us special. We listen to the customer and we react by providing a cost-effective way to build their product.”

Richard (Rich) F. Donahower, Jr.
Vice President

“We listen to the owner. That is important in establishing relationships for future projects. I can take pride in what I do because McGrath cares about doing a good job.”

Bret S. De Rousse
Vice President, Energy Infrastructure

“I really enjoy coming to work every day because the environment at McGrath is so positive. Everyone is happy and feels good and that positive energy transcends into everything we do. Happy employees perform better, making for a better project which makes for happy customers and subcontractors and it’s infectious. The end result is a quality product everyone can be proud of and more importantly a positive long-term relationship.”

Cindy Spriggs
Vice President, Finance

“Our customers choose McGrath because of our professionalism and focus on service, quality and safety. I find it challenging and rewarding to be a part of a very talented team of construction professionals and continuously strive to contribute to the success of our clients.”

Scott M. Olson
Corporate Secretary/Healthcare Business Manager

“The most rewarding part of my job is seeing the finished product, especially when it is an important project like a hospital or library that will really benefit people. We make the owner’s life easier because we are good at meeting their expectations.”

Nicholas (Nick) J. Knobbe
Treasurer/Project Development Manager

“My goal is to develop a strong relationship with the client and to do everything possible to assure the best quality of service for their project.”

Richard (Rich) Alt

“I always work to keep costs down and deliver a first-class job. My number one priority is to provide a safe work environment and keep everyone involved happy with the results.”

Carol E. Barrett
Operations Assistant

“I work with a wonderful group of people. Everyone here at McGrath is devoted and works hard to get our clients exactly what they need.”

Dan Boyer

“I’ve been a happy employee of McGrath since 1988. I’ve always believed that a happy employee is more productive and quality driven.”

Jessica Brockhahn
Project Accountant

“McGrath’s team is one in a million, we work together to keep moving towards the common goal of producing an excellent product and to have satisfied clients. We take pride in our work and the completed projects speak for themselves. I am honored to be a part of the McGrath team.”

Ryan Brockmann
Project Engineer

“McGrath has cultivated a truly remarkable workforce.  I’m   proud to be a part of a team who continuously delivers first-class projects through a unique combination of expertise, dedication, professionalism, and pride.”

Jared Crane

“I’m proud to be on a team with people who know how to do business the right way. When McGrath takes on a project our goal is to ensure all parties involved will benefit from the finished product.”

Mike Darmody

“McGrath is a great place to work.  We take the safety of everyone involved in a project very seriously. The good work ethic and the company morale at McGrath reflects in our craftsmanship and the satisfaction level of our customers.”

John E. Davis II

“There is nothing like working for a company that strives for excellence and achieves it.  I am proud to be a part of the McGrath team.  We give our best every day.”

Dan Fahey
Project Manager

“Everyone at McGrath places a premium on serving the customer.  As an employee owned company, the motivation to deliver superior service has created an atmosphere of collaboration focused on success for all involved while still having fun in the process.”

Dale Gittemeier

“It has long been a commitment here at McGrath to not only deliver a top-quality finished product to the customer on time but to also deliver the product in the cleanest and least invasive manner possible. There is no greater satisfaction to us than seeing a customer delighted and appreciative of a job done well.”

Daniel (Dan) Gittemeier

“The project is in the hands of the superintendent. We have to pull the job through. I always try to produce a good quality job. I don’t just want to get the job done. I want the best job possible done.”

Daniel S. Gold
Pharmaceutical Business Manager/Senior Project Manager

“Here at McGrath, our goal is to provide outstanding service and quality to all of our clients. We go out of our way to ensure that we understand what our clients want and work to exceed their expectations.”

Blake Grinestaff
Project Manager

“The team members at McGrath all pride ourselves on our culture of dedication to excellence. Our knowledge and integrity ensures McGrath delivers each project both safely and successfully, from concept to completion.”

Robert (Bob) Hackmann

“At McGrath, we build relationships with the owner so that we can understand their needs and expectations…and then work to exceed them! Not only does this provide a huge sense of accomplishment, but I find that our clients are very pleased with the services that we provide and they continue coming to us for assistance with other projects.”

Ryan Haines

“This McGrath team expresses deep pride in their work and pulls together red carpet service throughout their projects.  They give me the opportunity to use my creativity and positive energy towards building and maintaining satisfied clients with a quality result.”


Ken Hedrick

“I like working for McGrath because they always try to please the customers and their employees. The return side to that is a quality job and repeat customers.”

Bryan Herberg
Estimator/Project Engineer

“The teamwork, open communication, and professionalism at McGrath & Associates have built a solid foundation of success.  It’s taken to the next level with the friendly people I work with, who make everyday fun and rewarding.”

Chris Hill

“A completed job is a good feeling for the GC and client.  A lot of people don’t see the “behind the scenes” that sometimes takes place to get a project done on time.  Anything from late nights, long weekends, last minute decisions and changes.  McGrath & Associates is 100 percent engaged in all aspects of the project and keeps the client fully involved maintaining a good client relationship.”

John D. Kahmann

“I like the challenges of the job. Our thoroughness and honesty at McGrath sets us apart. I know I can do a job right. We never cut corners. We usually end up giving the client more.”

Darren Kitchell
Field Coordinator

“I think the most rewarding aspect of my job is seeing a project from start through completion, seeing the final product.”

Justin Kitchell

“The price of success is hard work, attention to detail and dedication to the job at hand.  I believe everyone here at McGrath consists of these traits and that’s what makes our projects exceed in quality and craftsmanship.”

Terry L. Kitchell

“Our company maintains high standards of quality, safety and customer care. In addition, I believe that our high level of professionalism between clients, office staff and field personnel creates a better end result.”

Adam Kuchy
Project Engineer

“What makes our company successful is based on the three solid pillars of Team Work, Open Communication, and Safety.  From day one of coming on board with McGrath, I was brought into a team environment and asked to contribute to the project.  We are strong believers that we cannot communicate enough with each other and to make sure that we communicate with our Clients.  We approach each day with everyone coming onto a safe job site, working in a safe and enjoyable work place, and going home to our families.  It is an honor to be a part of the McGrath Team.”

Michelle Laaker

“I am proud to be an employee of McGrath and Associates. The company’s reputation and success is magnified through team employee effort, expertise and commitment. This process is what makes McGrath and Associates shine! ”

Steve Laney
Safety Manager

“I enjoy being in a work environment where every day you feel the positive energy and sense the pride of the people around you. Each day I see the professionalism, the genuine care, & relentless determination in everything we do. The way we do business is infectious, and it is truly rewarding to be part of the team.”

Ken Lewis
Project Engineer

“What makes McGrath unique is the people and culture of the team.  The positive environment, overall enthusiasm, and dedication to service provides a rewarding experience for both customers and employees.   I am grateful and excited to be part of the team.”

Mark S. Manley

“Our ability to understand and work with the customer sets us apart, particularly in the high-tech arena. McGrath offers ongoing training to all staff to keep up with changes.”

Don Markus

“At McGrath we have a unique company culture.   We are employee owned, so everyone is invested in every customer’s satisfaction.  It makes a huge difference.”


Jacob Morten

“The people at McGrath are one of kind. Great teamwork along with open communications gives us the best opportunity to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. I am truly honored to be able to work at McGrath & Associates.”


Gary Noack

“The quality of our work here at McGrath sets us apart. It means a lot to me that clients are happy with the work we complete.”

Lori Owens
Project Accountant

“The culture of McGrath & Associates is like no other.  We have a passion for building a strong team, quality projects and lasting relationships.  We are doing what we love and it shows in all aspects of the project.  We are very excited about the future!”

Brian Pate

“At McGrath & Associates, we strive to not only meet but exceed our client’s expectations.  This is achieved through dedication & hard work by everyone here at McGrath.  I am proud to be part of such a strong, versatile, and committed team.”

Ken Rolwes

“I strive to keep positive communication flowing between the client, contractors and myself. Anticipating potential problems before they arise helps ensure a safe work environment and quality performance. Hard work, ongoing training and respect for co-workers and clients is the key to McGrath’s success.”

Paul Rolwes

“Our team at McGrath & Associates takes pride in everything we do. Whether a multi-million dollar MRI installation project or building a space where a sick child’s family can bring their pet in to visit them during a hospital stay, the same attention to detail is maintained.  There is always the pride and satisfaction of seeing the final project and being able to say that we had a part in that.  I am proud to be a part of this team.”

Jake Stuart

“Here at McGrath we are more than just your average construction company. We take pride in our work and always put our clients and safety first!  I find it very important to have a good relationship with our clients in order to understand their goals and then, exceed their expectations.  I am proud to be a part of such a great team of highly skilled individuals!”

Mark Van Donsel
Project Engineer

“I have been fortunate enough to have seen McGrath from both sides, as a client and as an employee. Our sense of pride and professionalism, respect for employees and clients alike, and a working environment that encourages teamwork, participation, and safety, all combine to ensure the success of every project, to the owner and to ourselves.”

Tony Vansaghi
Senior Estimator

“McGrath people make the difference. Through every aspect of construction, we pride ourselves on paying attention to the client’s needs and providing the highest level of service to the entire project team.”

Kim von der Heyde
Project Engineer

“I chose to work for McGrath & Associates because they have an excellent reputation in the business.  We have a proven track record of repeat clients, a dedicated, hard-working team of employees that make it possible, and above all and most important to me, an environment of ethical responsibility to be transparent and deliver our very best.”

Chris Watson

“Here at McGrath we are a leader in providing professional construction services to our customers by creating a successful partnership with them throughout the construction process. My pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance and craftsmanship by every member of our construction team. “

Rick Watson

“I feel McGrath builds and maintains their partnerships with companies on the craftsmanship that they do. McGrath is a high-quality team, with great work ethics and a “can do” attitude.  Organization skills, working where and when the work needs to be done, that’s what makes McGrath stand out.  I am honored to be a superintendent always bringing my best to the company and to the clients we serve.”

Cameron Welch
Project Engineer

“Here at McGrath I am truly happy to come into work each day.  Whether in the office or on site, the company culture runs deep.  This culture is composed of hard work, integrity, pride, and safety.  The quality in our work shows from the projects we complete and the satisfaction of our clients year after year.”

Cathy Wilkins
Project Accountant

“At McGrath, we pride ourselves on being team members. We approach each project with the goals of our client. Our clients’ interest always comes first. Every one of us works together and makes each project run as smoothly as possible. We have the excellence and commitment for all types of projects. I am proud to be a part of McGrath & Associates accounting department.”

Kimberly (Kim) A. Witbrodt
Office Manager

“It’s a satisfying feeling to be part of a team that demands the high-quality service on which McGrath has built its reputation. Our customers expect it and it is the standard that we have set for ourselves.”

Andy Wohldmann
Project Manager

“McGrath & Associates employees all have the same common goal, to exceed customer’s expectations. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of work, in the safest most economical manner. Complete satisfaction in my job comes from knowing that our team is dedicated to providing a successful project.”

Jared T. Zipprich
Senior Project Manager

“Building and maintaining a healthy relationship with both our clients and subcontractors is of the utmost importance. McGrath has assembled an extremely capable team of employees to do so. We strive to deliver all of our projects on time, within budget, and to the highest standards of quality.”

Laura Zipprich
Project Accountant

“I work with some of the best individuals in this business.  The positive energy and teamwork here at McGrath make for satisfied and happy clients.  It’s exciting to come to work every day and be a part of a company that you can truly be proud of.”